You know those days where you’re just frazzled and frayed, and a giant knot, stressed out because you’re running around… and you trying to get kids to school… and you’re trying to keep the house in order… and you’re trying to make ends meet? Well, here at The Frayed Knot we understand. We’re just trying to make ends meet too.

From being a mommy, a step-mom, a wife, sister, daughter, friend, professional jack-of-all-trades, to having dietary restrictions, to making ends meet… it’s no wonder I look like a big Frayed Knot all the time!  So, we’ve made our motto Finding Beauty in Simple Everyday Living ©.

We all have something in common, no matter what stage of life you are at.

What originally started out as a simple idea for a journal, a legacy to leave my family some day, developed into a bigger idea. It has become a place to share recipes I’ve tried or created, projects for the home, life hacks, and a diary of personal thoughts, struggles and triumphs to share with you.

One day my family will be able to look back and see things that I have done, and try the recipes that we’ve enjoyed over the years. I hope you find inspiration and and enjoy them as well. Perhaps you’ll get a chuckle here and there. Sharing with everyone else can, just maybe, help us realize we all have something in common, no matter what stage of life you are at.

At The Frayed Knot we keep it simple, we keep it real. We don’t always make things from scratch, but we do try and make things delicious. We tap into our own DIY skills and thriftiness, and make things beautiful. Creating ideas for simple meals on a budget, designing on a dime, gardening, spending time with family, and just enjoying life… Everything is from the heart. It’s all about finding beauty in simple everyday living.

If you have any ideas you’d like us to try, any questions, feel free to contact us.