Inspired by a Chicken: The Weekend that Brought Me Clarity

Oh that glorious day at on the North Fork of Long Island! It was perfect fall weather with a crisp chill in the air and bright blue cloudless skies. So beautiful, so peaceful. Why couldn’t I stay there forever with my family.


We went pumpkin picking, on a hayride, exploring the beach and picking apples. We had lots of good food including candied apples and the most amazing kettle corn ever. Yes I basically ate until I popped.

One of the local restaurants had a friendly chicken roaming around to greet the guests. She was the resident pet. We were allowed to feed her veggie scraps and fruit from our orders if we wanted. Which of course my daughter and I had to! I loved that.

My daughter was so intrigued as this little chicken stood looking up at us. It made my heart happy.

My daughter was so intrigued as this little chicken stood looking up at us. It made my heart happy. But it made my husband apprehensive at the thought of it pecking one of us unintentionally bock bock. I wasn’t worried one bit. I felt the chicken’s purpose there was to spread joy. It was there and make us feel happy, at one with nature and peaceful while we ate our delicious breakfast. What a perfect way to bring a close to our weekend getaway.

It might sound cheesy, but for some reason I felt like the chicken was letting me know I was in the right place. Not just for a happy breakfast, but on my life journey. That weekend brought me clarity. Reminding me that we need breaks, we need nature, we need lots of laughter with our family, we need good local food to fuel our bodies and we most certainly need a pet(s). We also need to pursue our passions and what we feel our gifts and purposes are here in this life. We need a legacy.

Who knew a chicken named Nugget would affect me so deeply? I love it out there on the North Fork of Long Island. I look forward to every visit. I will certainly have to pay a visit to Nugget the Chicken every chance I get. #goals.

Inspired by a Chicken

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