The Thanksgiving Turkey Turd

So, this happened. The Turkey Turd surprise craft project for Mom. Years ago, my husband decided to go to the craft store and come up with this project all on his own to make with my step-daughter (SD). If your husband is anything like mine, the whole aspect of him even thinking of doing this and going to a craft store blew my mind.

He has always been a good Dad, so the fact that he wanted to spend some extra quality time with my SD wasn’t surprising. This whole thing was a secret gift for me. So sweet!

Even though I cherished it, she didn’t seem proud of it.

Yes, it did look like a turd, but it was made with love. (Never thought I’d write those words). Even though I cherished it, she didn’t seem proud of it. Was she just not that into it? Did I not respond appropriately? Sigh. I hung it up that Thanksgiving proudly. But it seemed like she didn’t even want to look at it.

After that, we moved and it was packed away with boxes of decorations that took many years to sift through. I was reunited with it again this Thanksgiving season. It was a pleasant reunion that made me giggle, and cry and proud.

I promptly hung it up and showed my husband who didn’t respond as emotionally as I did, and continued to watch football. I took a picture and texted it to her. At this age, she can appreciate a funny joke about it. My text said ‘Look I found the Turkey Turd!’ with some emoji hearts and laughing faces. She replied with some laughter as well. I was so happy to revisit this with her.

It will never get lost in the shuffle again and will proudly hang on our wall by the front door to greet visitors every Thanksgiving season. I think, just maybe, she is finally proud of it now that she’s older and can understand the sentimental value it holds for me as well as her.


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